There are a lot of easy vegan alternatives in Japanese cuisine, and there are a lot vegan side dishes that are enjoyed on a daily basis. Eating vegetables is so important for the body, they are a lot easier to digest than meats, and there are many delicious dishes that can be made from easily accessible ingredients.

Knowing how to make a good vegan stock will open the doors to many amazing dishes, so I will teach you how to make it at home.

The class details:

  1. Our rules of using which vegetables to cook together
  2. Introducing some unusual and tasty vegetables
  3. Vegetables used in Japanese vegan dishes
  4. Seasonal vegetables
  5. How to prepare several vegan dishes.

We will cook:

  • Vegan stock
  • Fried tofu
  • Grilled aubergine
  • French beans marinated with aroma sauce
  • Simmered Mountain potato
  • Simmered beans and vegetables broth
  • Bright eyes carrots salad

£38 per person