Shoku-Iku by Makiko Sano

Shoku-Iku is the way that Japanese people are taught about healthy food. It is part of the culture and all children know which foods to choose and how to cook and eat, always with the health of your body in mind. In this book, Makiko Sano reveals the secrets of Shoku-Iku —and how the Japanese people stay so healthy — in easy-to-understand principles.

By making sure meals include five colours, five tastes and textures and come from one of the five food groups, you too can eat as the Japanese do. There are just five easy ways to cook — including in the microwave — and you don’t even need an oven. Indeed, many Japanese kitchens are not equipped with one.

As with Japanese food in general, most of the 70 brand new recipes here are largely gluten-and dairy-free with many vegan recipes. All recipes can be adapted to be gluten- and dairy-free. All the recipes are simple, as that is the Shoku-Iku way.

Now you can buy Makiko’s book for only £7.00 including postage!(UK address only)