Not many people sharpen their knives at home, and many of them don’t know how to. I think is it a very useful skill and will allow you to enjoy cooking more than ever. Sharpening knives is a rewarding and satisfying experience!

The class details:

  • Introduction to the few types of sharpening stones.
  • Introducing the types of knives we use
  • Techniques to sharpen knives
  • Sharpening your knives with Makiko
  • How to cut/slice fish
  • How to prepare fish for sashimi
  • Try some fish you filleted with fresh wasabi and soy sauce!
  • We provide everything we need for the class
  • You can bring max. 5 knives from home
  • You can take some sashimi home with fresh wasabi

Cost – £48 per person

Give it as a gift with a gift card!