Dumplings are a very popular street food in Japan and it is so easy to make them at home. I used to make them as a child with my grandmother, and I want to share that experience with others.

The class details:

  • We have pork, prawn, and vegetarian fillings.
  • The vegetables we use for the filling are cabbage, carrots, leek, and chives.
  • We don’t make the dumpling skin, but we have plenty of them to make lots and lots of dumplings!
  • Makiko will show you how to shape the dumplings.
  • You will first make 10 dumplings, and then Makiko will cook them for you.
  • We have rice, miso soup, and salad that you can help yourself to.
  • After eating 10 dumplings, you can start making another 10 if you are still hungry.
  • You can’t take any dumplings home, so eat your fill!
  • You will get all the recipes in the class.

£19 per person.